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Hasson Trocars

VHMED laparoscopic trocar products are the essential tools for laparoscopic access. VHMED laparoscopic trocar family includes a wide selection of Auto Shield bladed trocars, bladeless trocars, Hasson trocars and DamoclesÒ low profile trocars to meet various clinical applications and different surgeons’ preferences in laparoscopic procedures. VHMED AutoShield bladed trocars are designed as shielded bladed access with safety features, bladeless trocar offers a less traumatic way of creating an instrument port, Hasson trocars are preferred by surgeon who adopts open technique laparoscopy, and Damocles low profile trocars are used to create port access of 3 or 5 millimeters. VHMED laparoscopic trocars provide laparoscopic trocar port access solutions ranging from 3 millimeters to 12 millimeters.
Hasson Trocar

Bladeless Optical Trocars



 Product Descriptions

VHMED Hasson trocar is designed with smooth cannula and blunt tip obturator to allow the minimal harm to the subcutaneous tissue in abdominal access. Specially designed spring loaded abdominal wall retention unit allows easy and flexible depth adjustment for the trocar access.


Features & Benefits

  • Easily adjustable spring loaded anchor adjusting unit

  • Additional seal system guarantees pneumoperitoneum in visualized access

  • Anti-slip cap design for easy open and closure, even with a wet hand

  • Ergonomic handle design, to fit with different palm size

  • Modular detachable design, for easy specimen retrieval

  • Available in 5, 10, 12mm in diameters, suitable for the access of all general laparoscopic instrumentations



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Blunt Tip Hasson Trocar Set, 12mm diameter, 100mm length