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VHMED is exclusively focusing on the development and manufacturing of medical devices for minimal invasive applications. We are equally committed to improve the quality of care and reduce the spending of global healthcare systems. We achieve this by investing in the in-house design and engineering capabilities, state-of-the-art, end-to-end manufacturing facilities by translating the clinical expertise to trusted laparoscopic tools. 
Our innovative product range includes veress needle insufflation, trocar access ports, electrosurgical instrumentations, specimen retrieval systems, suction irrigation system, tissue ligation products, wound protection and retraction, as well as 3mm micro laparoscopic instrumentations, covering a complete solutions for a wide varieties of laparoscopic procedures. 
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities include a large scale ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom with an uninterrupted 24 hours purified water supply. Our vertically integrated manufacturing system enables the streamlined production workflow from product concept, design and validation, injection mould design and production, to product final assembly. We continue invest heavily in the manufacturing systems and the technical capacities to enhance our product portfolios in laparoscopy and advance the technologies in minimal invasive therapies.
With a proven track experience in med tech engineering, quality engineering and control, manufacturing and international business operation, our management is calipered toward flexible manufacturing with customizations. Our customized services include but not limited to product concept design, mould production and plastic injection moulding, metal processing and treatments, product fulfillment services, pad transfer printing, laser marking, product assembly, packaging design, customized kits and more. Hence to bring our high quality products to meet the local needs of our worldwide customers.
Possesses the philosophy of ‘Patient Safety First, Focus on clinical outcome’, we are carefully listening to the user voices to endlessly and tirelessly improve our product offerings to deliver best in class minimal invasive therapy products. ‘Industry wide broad view, excellence in engineering, keep agile’, we are striving ourselves to become a leading medical device provider for minimal invasive abdominal procedures.
Patient Safety First, Focus On Clinical Outcome
we are striving to become a leading medical device provider for minimal invasive therapies.


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  • Expansion of Insufflation Tubing Systems

    VHMED announces the expansion of the insufflation tubing systems.

  • Expansion of 3mm Laparoscopic Solutions

    VHMED announces the expansion of its product portfolio in 3mm laparoscopy, adding 3mm x 100mm and 3-5mm x 100mm DamoclesTM trocars; 3mm suction irrigation tubes, and both shorter (length of 200mm) and longer (length of 340mm) scissors, dissectors and graspers. The expansion of 3mm product line is to

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