Won UniHA tender

Won UniHA tender

Courtesy to our French partner, VHMED single use laparoscopic instrument range has recently won a major UniHA tender in France contributing to the high quality and superior performance over the years. Following the execution of the contract in October 2021, VHMED will be supplying single use laparoscopic instruments to 1,045 UniHA member hospitals across France for the next twenty-four months and have the option of extending for additional 12 months. 


VHMED is exclusively focusing on the development and manufacturing of medical devices for minimal invasive applications. We are equally committed to improve the quality of care and reduce the spending of global healthcare systems. We achieve this by investing in the in-house design and engineering capabilities, state-of-the-art, end-to-end manufacturing facilities by translating the clinical expertise to trusted laparoscopic tools, therefore meeting our customers' demand in innovation, cost and clinical support.


About UniHA

UniHA, Union des Hôpitaux pour les Achats, is a cooperative of French public hospital buyers created in 2005 by the hospital staff themselves. UniHA is one of the main European buyers in the healthcare sector and one of the leading national buyers, all sectors of activity combined. As of Today in 2021, 1,045 hospitals from 114 GHT hospital groups have joined the cooperative.


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