Our products are manufactured under the strictest quality inspections during production and prior to shipping, and are warranted free from manufacturing defects. Should you find anything incorrectly on product itself or packaging while receiving the goods, please inform us immediately.

Our reusable clip appliers are warranted for one year from the date of delivery. In the event of any of them goes faulty, please always contact our authorized local distributor. It can be carried to our factory or collected by one of our sales representative for repair within the warranty period. If the product is out of warranty period, we will charge at the cost for the repair work. Due to the custom restrictions, you are unable to post directly to our factory in China.
International Returns Policy 
Goods may only be returned if the remaining expiry of the products is greater than 50% of total designed shelf life and they are in a re-saleable condition with the packaging intact. A Returned Material Authorization Number (RMAN) is required and can be obtained from our Sales and Customer Services team. Please read below for full details on how to arrange the return of stock.
If any product supplied is faulty, we will investigate this fully and arrange a product replacement and the return of stock if necessary.
If stock has been damaged during shipping please contact our Sales and Customer Services team and we will be able to advise you.

Please note:
  • 1. It is required to notify us within 5 days of the goods being delivered in order for a return to be considered.
  • 2. A surcharge may apply for handling the return.
  • 3. Due to the custom and regulatory restrictions, please always contact us upfront when you are considering a return.
  • 4. The type of products and the length of time held in your inventory will determine if a return and credit can be authorized.
Please contact our Sales and Customer Services team on the followings while you are considering a return:
  • 1. Reasons of return.
  • 2. The product codes, name description and lot numbers of the stock concerned.
  • 3. Your purchase order number and our proforma invoice number
  • 4. We will issue you with a Returned Material Authorization Number (RMAN) and address details of where to return the goods to.
This RMAN must be clearly stated on the outer packaging of the returned products and kept for all future correspondence. Outer packaging must state RMAN and that “Products are Not Contaminated.” Please always consult us if you intend to send contaminated products as they are deemed as bio-hazardous goods. 


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