At VHMED, we believe in a simple credo as below:

Patient Safety lies on the topmost priority of all our business activities. Improved clinical outcome is critical to our long term success. Patients are with the most concern of our entire organization.

Doctors, Nurses, Biomedical Engineers are the users of VHMED products. They reply on our products as the trusted tools to deliver optimal clinical outcome. We believe in providing them with adequate training and clinical user guidance are essential to improved patient safety and clinical result.

Our partners include but not limited to Employees, OEM/ODM customers, Distributors, Dealers and Resellers, Regulatory Parties, Healthcare Administrative, Local Community, Suppliers, Shareholders. These partners are essential to our long term success. We believe in share and fair trade in dealing with our partner relations. Our associates are the key asset in our organization. Our associates’ happy and satisfactory work in the company are the renewed vitality source of our organization. Long-term hard work of our employees is essential and the only path to our development and growth.

In any event of contradiction on the above, always follow the first point.


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