Corporate Update Related to the Covid-19 Outbreak

Corporate Update Related to the Covid-19 Outbreak

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Operation and Production Update 

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, our manufacturing base located in Nantong, China had an extended holiday until February 12th, 2020. On February 13, production staff had resumed work with adequate protective wears and increased hygiene practices. As expected, our production output in March will increase to 35,000 instruments per month. Meanwhile as a continuous effort of reducing our lead time, we will also replenish our stock to increase our inventory level in April.   

Logistics and Supply Chain Update

As of this week, we observed that the logistics within China has restored to a normal state and the entire supply chain is also recovering. However transatlantic international airfreight and express shipments have experienced different levels of delays due to the cancelling flights and increased inspections. We suggest our customers take precautionary measures in arranging shipments.    

Marketing and Sales Activities

We have suspended all our exhibition participations and international sales travels. We encourage our employees and customers to make the best use of online communications tools. In addition to the regular phones and emails, the tools we have adopted so far are Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, WeChat and messenger services on LinkedIn and Facebook. We are also open for online factory tour for all our current and prospective customers. Please contact our sales representative to book an appropriate time.

In addition to the above business update, we wish to provide information and suggestions on preventing the virus and fighting against the epidemics.

About the Virus

Like flu, the Covid-19 corona virus is highly commutable. Infected patient can develop to a severe stage in a short period of one week time. Severe patients can be fetal with symptoms of respiratory difficulties and failures. It is a very dangerous epidemic but it is protectable and curable. Time is crucial. 

Protections & Preventions

It is important to keep social distance. Social contact and outgoing activities must be reduced to the minimum. It is advised to maintain personal hygiene at a high level. Adequate health care facilities are key to the success. Early detection and isolation of the outbreak area are crucial. Here are few video clips from the experts in China and Singapore, hope these are helpful for the care workers and administrative to attain the success.

Dialogue between Prof. Nanshan Zhong, national head of China's COVID-19 and SARS expert team who spearhead Wuhan rescue work since early February, and Prof. Anita Simonds, the vice president of the European Respiratory Society.

A Second Opinion podcast interviews with Prof. Wenhong Zhang, who is known as the gatekeeper of Shanghai on sharing the experience of safeguarding the mega city of 30 million population.

CNBC interview with Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Singapore, Ophthalmologist by education, ex-CEO of Singapore General Hospital on sharing Singapore’s experience of achieving zero mortality rate.

Our chief concern is the health of all of us. As always we thank you for your continued support and partnership. We hereby wish you and your families, colleagues and friends are all healthy. Best Wishes.


Haiying Wang

Managing Director & CEO


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