3mm Bipolar Forceps

VHMED provides a wide range of instrumentations for endoscopic tissue manipulations, including electrosurgical instrumentations in the diameters of 5mm and 3mm, as well as articulating instruments to enable the reach to target tissues which are difficult to operate by standard straight instruments, both monopolar laparoscopic instruments and bipolar laparoscopic instruments. Our proprietary Surecut technology allows our VShear curved Metzenbaum scissors with best-in-class smoothness and sharpness in every endoscopic transection. Laparoscopic Mini Metzenbaum scissors are designed for the transection of delicate tissues. Our VDissect dissecting forceps are designed for efficient tissue dissection with electrocautery energy. A wide choice of VGrasp series grasping forceps are designed for the grasping applications of different clinical structures. With the broadest range of laparoscopic instrumentations, VHMED offers a comprehension solutions for endoscopic tissue manipulations.
3mm Bipolar Forceps

3mm Laparoscopic Bipolar Forceps 


 LS2003 with cable-600x600

Product Descriptions

VHMED 3mm laparoscopic bipolar forceps are featured with a pair of instruments jaws securely insulated with high quality, medical grade polymer material with high thermal and energy resistance. The monotype stainless steel material ensures superior electrocautery energy transfer from standard energy source to the tip of the forceps, providing superior grasping forces and outstanding electrocautery performance. The bipolar forceps have a large, smooth rotating wheel and excellent insulation along the shaft. The additional layer of insulation on the electrosurgery connection offers enhanced electrosurgical safety for the operator. VHMED laparoscopic bipolar forceps are your ideal tool for laparoscopic tissue grasping when bipolar modality is in need.


Features & Benefits

  • Monotype materials provides outstanding electrocautery performance

  • High quality medical grade stainless steel material ensures superior grasping / dissecting forces

  • High quality polymer based inter-jaws insulation with thermal and energy resistance


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Single Use Bipolar Maryland Dissecting Forceps, Shaft Diameter: 3mm, Shaft Length: 280mm






Single Use Bipolar Johann Grasping Forceps, Shaft Diameter: 3mm, Shaft Length: 280mm








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