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Simple Endobag

VHMED offers a wide range of specimen retrieval solutions for laparoscopic use. The Black & White endobag is an automatic, non-detachable endobag which is very easy to use in any greater than 10mm port. Our Black & White+tether endobag is detachable with a single piece drawing tether, allows surgeon continue to use the port after completing the endo retrieval. The Taper Bag series specimen retrieval system uses burst resistant materials, can be used where the strictest requirements of specimen retrieval are needed. The proprietary designed bag retention and release mechanism allows multiple uses on a single patient. The simple endobag has the simplest design, suitable for routine use in many standard laparoscopic specimen retrieval. VHMED always has a solution for you on specimen retrieval.

Simple Endobag


Product Descriptions


VHMED Simple Endobag is designed for the routine specimen retrieval on every day laparoscopic procedures at ease. It is featured with a biological friendly polymer bag having strong burst strength to ensure safe specimen retrieval, a slim and thin profile for easy introduction through a standard laparoscopic trocar port by applying atraumatic graspers on the top seams of the bag, one strong nylon closure tether for the bag closure after the retrieval, a colour tether closure end for easily fetched by any atraumatic graspers.



Features & Benefits

  • Strong nylon closure tether for easy bag closure

  • Colour indicated tether closure end, easily fetched by any atraumatic graspers

  • Biological friendly high strength polymer bag ensures safe specimen retrieval





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200ML Simple Endobag, without   introducer








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